The University of Oregon is a highly ranked  public research university in Eugene, Oregon, United States of America. The institution was established in the year 1876, and over the years has grown to compete with other internationally recognized institutions. The university is classified among “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity” and has 19 research centers and institutes for its students. The university has a lot of financial aid programs to help students (locally or internationally) in achieving their academic and professional goals. One of the aids is the Undergraduate Scholarships For International Students.




Entry Scholarship

In order to have access to these scholarships, applicants must apply through the following means

  1. First-Year, International Year One (IYO)
  2. Undergraduate Transfer Program (UTP), Transfer



Provost’s Scholarship for Excellence

Valued at $6,000/year, up to 4 years

Application steps:

  1. No application process
  2. First-Year or IYO students with GPA of 3.5+ qualify for consideration
  3. UTP or Transfer students with GPA of 3.25+ qualify for consideration
  4. First-Year or IYO students with the full IB Diploma score of 30 or higher qualify for consideration
  5. First-Year or IYO students with A-levels with minimum of two B’s and one C qualify for consideration
  6. Renewable with a 3.0 GPA. No application or action required for renewal


Regional Scholarship

This is a variable one-time scholarship available to students

Application steps:

  1. No application process
  2. Based on availability according to region of the world
  3. This scholarship is not merit-based
  4. To check availability, connect with your local OSU representative or contact



International Student Continuation Scholarship

It involves an amount of $2,500/term

Application steps:

  • Application process based on merit, closeness to degree completion and financial need
  • To apply students must complete the general application and international scholarship application in ScholarDollars
  • Undergraduate students with GPA of 2.0+ qualify for consideration
  • Available for Fall, Winter and Spring terms only
  • Not available for Summer term
  • 2021-2022 application deadline was March 8, 2021
  • Questions about scholarships?

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